Parenting Against the Tide

A handbook for 21st century parenting.


There are many books on parenting by self-appointed experts who give us a bucketful of sugar to help the medicine go down. Ann Benton’s parenting book is different. It is full of not just home truths but biblical truths. It is a handbook in the mode of a manual helping parents to work through what it means to be biblical parents and what to watch out for along the way. . . . Ann has done a service for us all by putting firmly down on paper the standard of God’s infallible word against the secularist tide which washes into our family life. It is a gritty, real, honest and above all truthful book which points us to the best parent of all – Our Father God.

The book is designed to be helpful and it ends each chapter with ‘Practical inferences and applications’ and further reading. It is a serious book to be read and worked through, which will probably not leave you entertained but will leave you challenged and encouraged.

Please get a copy of this book for KES 800 from our store.


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