My Katie

Continuing the Reformation spirit from October…

Martin Luther declared of Galatians, in one of his Table Talks:

“I have betrothed myself to it. It is my Katie von Bora.”

Katie was of course his beloved wife. So this is high praise for a letter, even by the standards of a man who avoided understated language more than the plague.

Galatians was where Luther found the gospel crystalised in its purest and strongest form, where the doctrine of justification by faith shone most brightly and was defended most ferociously. In this letter Luther found theological TNT which he proceeded to light up. The world was never the same.

You can read Luther’s fiery commentary on Galatians here.

Even better, get yourself (and your church) into the letter itself.

To help you do that we’ve produced a Watumishi wa Yesu study guide on Galatians. 8 studies for small groups or one-to-one Bible reading. Straightforward questions to get our noses in the text and our hearts engaged. We hope and pray that you will end up as devoted to Galatians as Luther was, and even more devoted to the Christ it exalts.

Wautmishi Galatians cover

Available for 200 KES only from iServe Africa Bookstore.


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