The astonishing wisdom of Christ

watumishi wa yesu mark

In the first edition of our Mark study guides in the Watumishi wa Yesu series there was unfortunately a missing session on Mark 11:27-12:17. Our sincere apologies for that. Please find below a PDF copy of that session which you may like to print and insert. For those who haven’t purchased the study guides you are also welcome to take it as a free sample:

It would certainly be a pity to miss that section of Mark’s Gospel – chapters 11 and 12. It’s a great passage for seeing so many beautiful facets of Jesus – the beloved Son, the authoritative King and Judge, walking around the Temple like he owns the place.

And the facet of his personality that I particularly marvel at here is his wisdom. The religious leaders throw their hardest questions at Jesus to trap him… it looks like there’s no way out for him… and then he answers with wisdom that turns the tables on them and leaves everyone speechless.

It makes me think of Kevin Pietersen in his debut at the 2005 fifth test against Australia. I’m not a cricket fan. I hardly watch it but I did watch that match and his massive hits against a seemingly invincible Australian team are imprinted on my memory. One of the best bowlers in the world comes in to throw a hard lump of leather at him with vicious spin and Pietersen steps forward and wacks it right out of the park. And again. And again. It is absolutely beautiful to watch.

And that’s what Jesus does. Read Mark 11:27-12:34 and watch him step forward and smack those hard balls right out of the park.




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