Know the Truth

Christians have already begun to know God and His truth. This handbook assists in that liberating knowledge, as it opens up the great themes of God’s word and hows how they fit together.

A handbook of Christian Belief

A handbook of Christian Belief

Each chapter deals with one aspect of Biblical truth and encourages further study with Scripture references to look up, questions for discussion, and books for additional reading. The main sections conclude with practical reflection on how the Bible’s teaching challenges us and moves us to adore the living God.

No better book than this for only KES 1900. I would like to have a copy.


One thought on “Know the Truth

  1. This book was personally revolutionary to me when someone put it in my hand 20 years ago. Totally changed my view of the Bible from a wise old book to the trustworthy God-breathed Word. Crystal clear and hugely helpful book.

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