How the prosperity gospel compromises missions: Conversation Magazine 5 still available

With the current issue of Conversation Magazine currently in the shops (the Relationships issue) and the new issue soon to come out (the Youth Ministry issue), don’t forget you can still get the back issues from the iServe Africa Bookstore:

  • The Servant Leadership issue
  • The Faithful Bible Teaching issue
  • The Postmodernity issue
  • The Gospel-centred issue
  • The Prosperity Gospel & Missions issue

On this last one, read Harrison’s challenging conclusion to his editorial:

So will we, as a Kenyan church ever take mission seriously? Are we even hearing the call for missions or are we too ‘drunk’ with a pursuit for money, power and pleasure that we can hardly hear the Lord calling his church to go. If we did go what would our motives be? ‘Empire building’ or ‘Kingdom building’, guilt for our accumulation or pity for the unfortunate?

This magazine calls upon us to reflect deeply on these matters and heed the Lord’s double calling to ‘come’ in order to ‘go’: To come back to the Lord and His true word in order to go and serve Him – to the uttermost parts of the world.

Conversation Magazine issue 5 available in print from iSA Bookstore for KES 250 or as an e-copy from Lulu:

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.



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