Amaze them with God

Calling all Youth Ministers! This could be the most valuable half an hour you spend this year.


Read this little book and you can see why 10ofthose chose to republish this section of the now out-of-print Don’t Call it A Comeback. Pure gold.

I hope and pray that many Christians will buy multiple copies of this book so as to distribute it with generous abandon. (D.A. Carson)

Pastor-elder Jon Gemmel of Bruntsfield Evangelical Church, Edinburgh writes:

Back in the day when young people got their Polio vaccine it was disguised on a sugar cube. The thinking being, take something that is not that pleasant and palatable (the vaccine) and hide it in something tasty (the sugar cube). Lots of contemporary youth work, youth engagement and youth activity seems to treat the gospel like the Polio vaccine. If we take something that is hard to swallow, i.e. the gospel and hide it in a small god slot amidst fun things like Playstation, table tennis and oodles of sweets the young people will learn to tolerate it but may never think about it or ne engaged with the gospel.

Into this poorly thought out strategy and lack of confidence in the gospel comes this slim line book of dynamite from Kevin DeYoung. It is a clear, articulate and bare strategy for youth engagement. It takes the Bible seriously, doesn’t patronise the young people and has at its base level the truth that the gospel shared amongst, lived out before and sown consistently and outrageously into young people’s lives has the greatest chance of success of winning the next generation to Christ. It is God that will amaze them, satisfy them and attract them to Himself. Moving away from that will only entertain but never win young people.

Under the five simple titles, Grab them with Passion, Win them with Love, Hold them with Holiness, Challenge them with truth and Amaze them with God, Kevin paints a vivid and compelling picture of the necessity, simplicity and sacrifice needed if the next generation are not going to wander away.

A valuable contribution and a handy resource for anyone engaged in any form of youth work, although I think there are transferable lessons into any sphere of ministry.

Available now from iServe Africa Bookstore for KES 200



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