I Believe In Preaching…


The word ‘Preaching’ has become unpopular in today’s world – ‘Don’t you start preaching to me!’ has become a common refrain when the conversation turns to issues of morality. Why this negative view? Because we have forgotten the power of true preaching; what preaching we do hear is often deadly and dull. It is shallow. It doesn’t touch real life. The speakers approach suggests that he feels himself superior to his hearers, or is badly telling them what to do. It does not allow interruption or contradiction. Some preaching, as we have seen, even incites hatred. In a word, it is seen as an embarrassing hangover from the past that should be scrapped.

Reading this book will open eyes of all called as preachers….. you and me… to see why preaching really is still God’s powerful means of bringing the dead to life and building up the body of Christ.

Reach our store for this book at only KES 550.


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