Faith on Trial

A Psalm worth a book…

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones focuses a huge spotlight on Psalm 73.

Why do good people suffer unjustly and yet others get away with it? Asaph, close confidant of king David, dealt with this very problem. It’s a conundrum that has often perplexed and discouraged God’s people. The Psalmist reveals his own no-holds-barred feelings and leads us step-by-step from near despair to final assurance. For this reason it has always appealed to preachers andĀ counselors. This is an excellent book for those struggling with, or wondering about, Injustice……

D.A Carson comments on this book and says

…saturated with spiritual wisdom designed to help Christians face trials and temptations of many sorts.”

Always welcome to grab here a copy for only KES 400…

Studies in Psalm 73

Studies in Psalm 73


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