Tell me the story

The Carpenter

The Carpenter

This may seem like a very familiar story but you will probably find that it contains more surprises. You have certainly never heard it told like this before. These are the stories of contemporary eyewitnesses to the life of Jesus. Using Biblical and background data, Alex McDonald writes these people’s stories as if you had just this moment casually asked them what they knew about this man, Jesus.

Some were profoundly changed. Some had regrets. Some didn’t understand at all.  The people who tell their stories include Mary the mother of Jesus, Gaius Maximus the centurion, the woman at the well, Simon the Pharise,; the Gadarene demoniac, Jairus, Simon Peter, the rich young ruler, blind Bartimaeus, Zacchaeus, the Apostle John and Marcellus, a Roman officer.

It’s still the greatest story ever told,

This time told in your face!

Available in store for you….at only KES 250/=


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