The impact of the gospel on all of life

Gospel in all of life

The new issue of Conversation Magazine is out now…

State of the Church
Letters page
Ephesians 6 on servants leadership in the workplace
A message of Hope: Profiling the ACK Diocese of Marsabit
An African missionary in England
Get The Bible Open: The Word 1-2-1
An interview with David Githii on his defrocking by the PCEA and life afterwards
The Twilight of Truth: Fact or Fantasy
12 Technology Predictions for Kenya in 2015
Higher education: A Place for Old Brains?
The dark side of knowledge
Book review: Married for God
Singles’ Diary
Dig deeper: Of First Importance
The Foundation for Godly Living
Parenting Gracefully & By Grace
The Islamic State Phenomenon
Addressing the Male-female ratio gap in Kenyan Churches
Urban legends: The Preacher’s Edition
Conversation health: Useful bacteria in your diet
Feeding the Cities
Conversation Light
News feature & Upcoming events

50 + pages of stimulating print content, still only KES 250 from iServe Africa Bookstore and many other outlets. Also available in electronic form…

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.


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