Crazy Lazy

crazy lazy

In a world where everyone is Crazy Busy, is there need for a book on laziness?

Are we habitually procrastinating, happy with our excuses, hopeless at completing things, hungry for fulfilment, hard to correct? Well then maybe we do need this book. Or how about this example:

Do you want to tell me what is so difficult about taking the used toilet roll off the holder? This is the epitome of laziness. In most houses this manoeuvre can be accomplished without even rising up from our seat. If it demands a transition, some actual movement, even when the lazy rascal actually goes and gets the new toilet roll and brings it back he still sets it on top of the old one!

Maybe laziness is closer than we think.

In Crazy Lazy, Bible teacher Alistair Begg holds up the sluggard of the Book of Proverbs as a mirror.

I certainly find, when looking at the slothful [Proverbs] describes, that I see myself very clearly in the mirror of God’s Word.

Crazy Lazy. Short enough to read in one sitting even if you’re incredibly lazy. Brilliantly illustrated by Jason Ramasami. Very cutting. Available from iServe Africa Bookstore for only KES 150. Best read alongside How People Change.


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