Enjoy your prayer life

Prayer Reeves


Prayerlessness always goes hand in hand with a lack of Christian integrity. This is even more so for Christian leaders – to put it bluntly, if they are not enjoying communion with God, then they are selling a product they don’t really believe in.

But this (mercifully short) book by Mike Reeves isn’t a guilt trip.

…to prove we are all sinners, and therefore naturally awful at prayer, here’s a real quote from Luther that will comfort you. At perhaps the busiest time of his busy life he wrote to his friend Philipp Melanchthon: “You extol me so much … Your high opinion of me shames and tortures me, since, unfortunately, I sit here like a fool and hardened in leisure, pray little, do not sigh for the church of God… In short I should be ardent in spirit, but I am ardent in the flesh, in lust, in laziness, leisure, and sleepiness… Already eight days have passed in which I have written nothing, in which I have not prayed or studied; this is partly because of temptations of the flesh, partly because I am tortured by other burdens.”

Turning to the positive, Reeves wonderfully brings out how prayer is nothing more and nothing less than enjoying the gospel and enjoying the Triune fellowship of God.

Read it in a day. Change your praying for a lifetime.

Enjoy Your Prayer Life is available now from iServe Africa Bookstore for only KES 150.

And if you enjoy Enjoy Your Prayer Life then you’ll almost certainly enjoy these top recommendations of other quality books on prayer:

  1. God’s Green Room (Nick Franks) – introduction
  2. Prayer and the Voice of God (Philip Jensen and Tony Payne)first chapter PDF
  3. Praying: Finding our way from duty to delight (J. I. Packer & Carolyn Nystrom)
  4. Our Father: Enjoying God in Prayer (Richard Coekin)


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