Breakfast on the Beach

The empty tomb and the subsequent glory

The empty tomb and the subsequent glory

All too often our familiarity with the events recorded in the Bible causes us to forget their extraordinary significance. Author Peter Trumper dynamically brings us face to face with the reality of Christ’s resurrection and the events afterwards. Trumper uses his keen insight into the human heart and excellent understanding of God’s word to bring fresh understanding of the significance of the events we so casually read. Although Trumper speculates on the thoughts and behaviour of various people, it is well grounded in Scripture and an accurate view of human nature. It is not, however, a story book. It powerfully confronts the reader with Jesus as He is revealed in the Bible. I doubt that anyone could remain apathetic towards Jesus after reading this book. It harmonises apologetics, theology and character study in a very readable form. However, it is not a book to read quickly, because it contains much that the reader may never have encountered before. It is a deep book but also a book that challenges you in your heart to be in a right relationship with God. I encourage people from every religious background to read this book and discover the power and glory of Jesus. (Review by Gloria J Smith)

Available for an excellent price of 400/=


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