3 questions that open up Mark’s Gospel

Rico Tice (UK evangelist responsible for the excellent and much-used Christianity Explored material) has often pointed to the 3 questions that reverberate throughout Mark’s Gospel:

  1. Who is Jesus? (What is his IDENTITY?)
  2. Why did he come? (What is his MISSION?)
  3. What does it mean to follow him? (What is his CALL?)

These questions come out particularly clearly in Mark 8:27-38 but the amazing thing is that you can ask them of any passage in Mark’s gospel and they really help open it up, help us see Jesus more clearly and the right applications for our personal walk and for our ministries.

The Watumishi wa Yesu study guide on Mark’s Gospel is aimed at one-to-one mentoring situations and walks through Mark, asking those 3 questions, looking at Jesus our Servant King, and giving structured opportunities to discuss leadership, ministry and life along the way.

Read a sample of the material here.

Watumishi wa Yesu: Mark: The Servant King is available now from iServe Africa Bookstore:

200 KES each for 1-9 copies
175 KES each for 10-50 copies
150 KES each for 50-99 copies
120 KES each for 100+ copies

watumishi wa yesu mark


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