children are gifts from the Lord

children are gifts from the Lord

We live in times of moral laxity and confusion, times when God’s laws are scorned and disdained, times in which people make up their own rules as they go along. Parents rightly want their children to be happy. But what produces happiness? Many parents think it is produced by allowing their children to do what they want.

In his speech at the 4/14 Window Kenya summit on 1 August 2011, the permanent secretary of the ministry of education Prof James L Ole Kiyiapi noted a number of worrying signs:

  • “The television has flooded the house with scenes meant for the adult eye and many busy parents are not keen on the damage this may have on the growing child.”
  • “Affluent parents have unknowingly exposed their children to alcohol abuse… These parent have also left parenting to house helps who are barely kids themselves and have no parenting skills.”
  • “At the societal level, the child may no longer be a community child and therefore, correctional measures are not undertaken by the community as used to be… nobody wants to take responsibility.”
  • “Children now spend several hours a day engaging in media. The challenge of uncontrolled internet use by our children in with us and is worrying. Cases of sexual abuse through internet use have been reported among children who are oblivious of the dangers caused by web interactions with strangers.”

The Bible is a practical book. It deals with real-life people dealing with real-life problems and seeking real-life solutions. Parenting is one of those areas where many real-life people are finding real-life problems and the Bible has those real-life solutions!

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