James Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor


A look into the life of a prolific man of God through the eyes of his second born son and his wife, this is indeed a book worth reading. Taylor’s upbringing provided a great foundation upon which to build after he accepted Christ at the age of 17. He had had a keen interest in the land of China since he was a child but he did not understand his call to reach them with the Word of God until the tender age of 18. It was then that the Lord said, “Then, go for me to China.” “As silently as the sun rises over a summer sea, so dawned this new day upon his waiting soul. China? Yes China. That was the meaning of his life – past, present and to come.” Thus began the life-long mission of this man utterly given to God. The call was simple but the working out of it was anything but. In his pursuit of God’s glory in the shining of the light of Christ in China, many were his struggles, both personal and for those he aimed to lead. His life was marked with hardship so that one can see what it truly means to fellowship with Christ in His sufferings and death. Though there were always challenges, his reliance on the Lord assured him inner victory and power and the testimony of answered prayers. This book tells the amazing story of Hudson Taylor’s life; from a young man set apart by God to a man built up and strengthened by God alone to found and lead the most successful mission in China, the China Inland Mission. Throughout his life one theme appears – For Jesus’ sake. “For inwardly there was a deep subjection to the will of God; resting upon a profound and unalterable sense of what that will was for him.” This is a must read for any Christian wishing to look into the truths that make for a deeper relationship with God.

Available from the iServe Africa Bookstore for the fantastic price of 500/=.

(This review originally appeared in Conversation Magazine.)


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