Christian Youth Work

youth work


Youth ministry in Kenya is at the crossroads. How do we hold together faithfulness and relevance? What is it that should really drive youth ministry? How do you put together a strategy for growing your youth? What is it that youth and teens really need?

Christian Youth Work brings the shining light of the Gospel Word to bear on these issues. Written by seasoned pastors with decades of experience and the Word flowing through their veins, thousands of youth leaders have found these pages to be covered in gold dust.

‘Allowing theology to drive practice and the Bible to determine methods, this book is an ideal resource for anyone passionate about doing Christian youth work God’s way.’ –Dave Ramsey, Youth Director, Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland

‘The definitive book on Christian youth work.’ –Ian Fry, Oak Hill College

Mark Ashton was the Vicar of the Round Church at St Andrew the Great, Cambridge for almost twenty years. Phil Moon was head of CYFA, the youth ministry of the Church Pastoral Aid Society and is now minister of Bishop Hannington Church, Hove.

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